What you need to know about Diabolik’s gold lovers

The Golden Gods’ fifth album, Diabolic, is on the way.

And, in a nod to its new title, the band is making a major splash with a collaboration with the French rock outfit, Golden Gods.

The band is bringing their beloved golden lover to the table, with Diabolics new single “Four Fingers” featuring guitarist and vocalist Paul D’Amato and bassist Alex Lutens.

“I’ve been searching for a long time for a song with such a beautiful, emotive hook,” D’Ammato told XXL.

“And I’m so glad to finally have it on the album.”

The song features the likes of D’ Amato and Luten on guitar, with the vocalist and guitarist combining to form one of the band’s most unique vocal lines to date.

D’ Ammato described the collaboration as a “tribute” to his love for the band.

“The sound of Diabolos voice is so powerful, the way it resonates through the room,” he said.

“It’s really beautiful.

I’m very excited to work with him again.”

Diabolik fans can now stream the new song and see how it sounds on Diabolist, Diabolic and Diabolica.

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