What is the truth behind a ‘love jihad’ scam in Kerala?

The Kerala government has been trying to stamp out ‘love Jihad’ by claiming that it has made a concerted effort to prevent women from marrying ‘foreigners’.

The Kerala High Court has directed the state government to set up an NGO called ‘Love Jihad’ to ensure that “women don’t marry foreign men” and “if they do, they should get married to a man who has no ties to them”.

The NGO, to be headed by Aisha Niaz, is expected to submit its report on the matter within 10 days.

But what is it?

And how can the Kerala government prove it has prevented “foreign men” from marrying women?

A couple of years ago, the Kerala Government had formed a committee to investigate the “Love Jihad” issue.

However, the committee had no authority to make decisions on the issue, since the Kerala High court had ordered the state Government to set it up.

The Kerala high court also directed the Kerala State Government to prepare a report on “Love Mission” by October 31.

This report will be sent to the Supreme Court on October 31 and the court has been asked to send a copy of the report to the Chief Minister on the same day.

What is Love Mission?

The NGO is to be set up under the authority of a separate trust under the supervision of a retired Supreme Court Judge and it will be run by a woman who has been a part of the Kerala Law Enforcement Directorate (KLDF) for more than a decade.

According to a statement released by the Kerala Chief Minister, the government is “looking into the possibility of creating a separate organisation called ‘Loving Mission’ in the name of ‘anti-love jihad’.” What are the conditions under which the Kerala law enforcement agency (KSLD) is to take up the “anti-lifestyle” and anti-love Jihad measures?

The KSLD is set up to tackle “lifestyle-related crimes, like prostitution and trafficking”.

According to the Kerala high Court, the KSLA will have “the authority to investigate” and investigate “love crimes”.

However, this authority cannot be used to prosecute “love jihad” cases as it is not a crime of the State.

Is there any reason to believe that “anti love jihad” measures have been taken?

The Kerala state government has made it clear that “love Jihad” is not an offence and the state Police Chief is in favour of the creation of the NGO “Love Missions”.

But it is a very controversial and contentious issue.

The police are concerned that the NGO’s reports could lead to a false sense of security.

In order to tackle the issue of “love wars”, the Kerala state Police has already created the “Anti-Love Jihad Unit”.

This unit will be headed “by a woman” who has spent “more than a year as a police officer” in the state.

The “anti hate crime unit” of the KLDF was also created in 2015, which is also in favour “anti lifestyle”.

Is the Kerala police “anti lust jihad”?

The Kerala State Police’s “antilust jihad” unit, under the command of a female officer, is to “defend” the Kerala people against “love” crimes and “anti culture”.

The Kerala police’s “Love missions” are to be “a deterrent for people who may engage in “love-related offences” or “love violence”.

This is the same police unit that is “anti sex crimes”.

The “Love mission” section of the state police has also been set up.

Is the state-run police in Kerala really “anti” “love”?

The police have already set up a “Love Unit” which is headed by a “lady officer” who was “a police officer for over 10 years”.

The report of the “love mission” unit has been prepared by the police, which will be submitted to the police “on a daily basis”.

What is “love tourism” and is it an offence under the Indian Penal Code?

The police claim that “Love tourism” is an “anti cultural crime” under the provisions of the Indian penal code.

According the Kerala Police, “Love-tourism” is the “consumption of alcohol, drugs and drugs paraphernalia and paraphernals”.

The State government has also launched “Love Tourism Prevention Unit”.

But there is no evidence that the Kerala tourism department is doing anything about “love travel”.

What does the Kerala Supreme Court have to say about the “lover jihad” scam?

The Supreme Court has not made any decision on the “Lover Jihad” scam.

But, the court is expected on October 1 to issue a “stay order” on the Kerala authorities’ “anti anti-life Jihad” measures.

If the Kerala governments’ efforts to “stop” “loveday tourism” fail, then the court may decide that “loyalty to the state” cannot be a basis for “anti LOVECamp”.

Will Kerala State

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