What are Indian sex workers like?

Indian sex work is a growing industry with more than 1 million people in the country, with estimates of 2 million workers globally.

With sex workers and their clients having a global reach, here’s what you need to know about Indian sexwork.

Indians work as sex workers in two ways: for money or for money only.

For most people, sex work pays less than a minimum wage or a living wage, which can run into the thousands of dollars.

There are also some workers who work for sex workers for more than $1,000 a month.

Indias largest sex worker organisation, the India Association for the Protection of Human Rights, estimates there are between 1.5 and 4 million sex workers working in India.

The number is estimated to be as high as 15 million in a survey done by the Human Rights Foundation.

The Indian sex industry is a global phenomenon, but most of the money goes to sex workers.

Indian sex workers have two main ways to earn money: from customers or from the clients themselves.

Customers, often called pimps or johns, can be pimps, prostitutes, escorts, or simply buyers.

Some sex workers make a living selling drugs and sex.

For example, sex workers who sell drugs are referred to as “salespeople” because they sell drugs and drugs are often used to lure customers to sex.

Sex workers also have a range of services that clients pay for.

Some of these include: a massage, a private party, sex toys, or sex toys for clients.

The clients, sometimes called clients, are pimps and johns.

They may be pimped, pimped or john, and may be from countries around the world.

The client is often not the only client.

There may be several clients, or clients may be prostitutes or clients in need of financial support.

Sometimes clients are in a relationship with a sex worker.

The price for sex is usually quite high in India, but it varies depending on the location of the sex worker’s home.

If a sex shop sells a massage in a big city, the price may be upwards of $500 a session.

The price is not always the same depending on location.

Sex work has also become a business model for some wealthy people.

There is a wealth of data on the profits of the business, and in some countries, the industry has become very lucrative.

In India, the business of sex work was worth $4.5 billion in 2013, according to the Human Services Ministry.

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