Two Love Songs from Shohei Otani

Shoe lovers are embracing one another with love songs.

The Japanese ace, who won two straight Japanese singles with his new single, “The Sun,” has also been known to embrace the love of his shoe lover, Shunichi Nakajima, who’s been dubbed as his “Shoe Babe” on Japanese social media.

The two singers have been collaborating with Shizu’s “The Stars,” a new song that was released today, but it’s not the first time Shizu has been seen in the studio with Nakajimas.

In 2014, Nakajimi was also the guest vocalist on Shizu Otani’s debut single, which is also available for streaming on iTunes and Spotify.

Otani is currently playing a show at the Royal Tokyo Convention Center and is in the process of releasing his new album, “S.O.S.,” on June 2.

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