The game diaboliko lovers lai has been cancelled!

Diabolik, the world famous Japanese horror video game, is not coming to consoles or mobile platforms.

The developer, which released the game on iOS and Android in the past, is also no longer actively developing for the platform.

The announcement was made on a post on Diaboliko’s Facebook page and is part of a lengthy update to the game’s official website.

Diabolika fans are no longer allowed to play the game in a local multiplayer mode.

Players who are interested in the game, however, can still play in single-player mode.

Diabolik is a game in which players take on the role of a man who is possessed by a demon who is trying to kill a woman and steal her love.

The demon has to be defeated.

A statement from the developer, however said that the game was no longer being developed on mobile devices.

The developer says that it is still trying to work on a way to bring the game to the platforms where it can be played.

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