My partner and I are both lovers of cats

Posted September 20, 2018 06:30:33 My partner has a cat named Max and she loves to play with it.

He doesn’t, but he does love to watch Max play with the dogs.

So it was an odd decision to have a new cat at the start of my second pregnancy.

“The best thing for me is that I’m a dog lover,” Max says.

“My favourite animal is the cat, and it makes me feel better when I see her play with them.”

But what exactly makes Max tick?

She’s one of a handful of cats at home with me.

“Max is a very independent cat,” says Max’s mum, Joanne.

“She’s always on her own, she doesn’t have a lot of socialising with other cats.”

But Max’s personality can vary.

“You see her with other cat lovers, but not really in the same way, so you don’t really know what they’re like,” she says.

It’s easy to see why: “Max’s very happy and very playful,” says Joanne, who has also brought her son and daughter over for dinner a few times.

Max is a social cat who likes to play around with other dogs and other cats.

She has been neutered and is now on a four-month active-rehab program with a veterinary nurse.

“It’s a bit different for her to be on her feet and be in the house with me, but she loves the cat,” Joanne says.

Joanne is happy to keep Max on the leash.

She’s not worried about her well-being.

“I’m so excited about Max and I’m glad that she’s got such a good temperament,” she said.

“And I know that we’ll be having lots of fun together.”

The cats can be a bit tricky for new parents, as there’s a whole range of behaviours they can display that we can’t control.

“We have some of those kitties, so Max has to be really careful around them,” says Ms Tait.

“If she comes into contact with one, it can be quite painful for her.”

If you’re thinking about adopting a cat, we’d love to hear about it.

Contact us on 13 11 34 for more information.

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