Music lovers lane and friend to lovers lane to shut down in January

LAS VEGAS — Music lovers Lane and Friend to Wholesome Lane will be shut down next month.

They will not be able to sell merchandise, make videos, buy CDs, or make payments to customers, according to a notice posted on Facebook.

The Lane, located at 1125 South Colorado Boulevard in Las Vegas, will close on Jan. 20.

The Lane will have a limited number of merchandise available, including clothing, toys, games, and collectibles.

Lanes owners said in a statement that the shop’s closure is the result of “a number of factors, including the financial situation of our business and our lack of income.

The store will be shutting down in the coming months, and our goal is to focus on our customers and the environment they have created for themselves.

We are grateful for all the love and support from our loyal customers, and we will continue to work with them to help them navigate their way out of the current situation.

The closure of the Lane will affect many customers who shop there, and it could impact their ability to get new products.

They have been able to keep their customers and employees.

Lane owners said they are looking to relocate and are exploring ways to re-open the shop.

The store is part of the Las Vegas-based Lane Foundation.

The foundation operates Lane Lanes, which has become a destination for fans and locals to shop for music and merchandise, as well as support other businesses in Las, Nevada.

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