Love, Loves, LOVES! LOVERS son finds new love after meeting with Volvo Meredith

LOVELY volvo Meredoith has found new love in his young son after meeting his wife and son in Japan.

The young boy, who is the only child of Meredoiths wife, Lizzie, and son, Max, told The Sun that he was initially excited by the prospect of spending time with his new wife.

However, after meeting the young boy he soon discovered the excitement that accompanied the moment he first met the young woman.

Max, 11, and Lizzies family met up at a hotel in Yokohama in November last year.

“I was really happy to meet her and to be with her and her son,” he said.

“The first time I met her was when I was five years old, so it was nice to see her and meet her.”

Max was introduced to Meredoisi’s son by a close friend, who also happened to be a Volvo employee.

“It’s a very good thing for our family to have a son who is interested in motor racing and has a passion for it,” Max said.

Meredoisi, who lives in Melbourne with her husband, is a veteran of both Formula One and Formula E. She has two children, 10-year-old Lizzi and five-year old Max.

Read moreLiz Meredois family celebrates win at Melbourne Formula One raceThe Meredoizis won their first Formula One championship race in Melbourne last year after the pair won the inaugural Melbourne Formula E race at the same venue in September.

The Merediths’ win also brought their total Formula E championship victories to five.

The Merithis are the only family to ever win Formula One titles in Melbourne and have been crowned drivers in both races.

Meredith has previously raced in Formula E races in Japan and Australia, but her most recent victory came in Singapore, where she won in the opening round of the Australian Formula E season in October.

After Singapore, Meredoi joined her father in Japan, where the two raced in a two-day test session at Yokohamas Suzuka Grand Prix circuit.

Meredoith was able to take the lead from Meredozi in the final lap of the session and finished the race ahead of the other two drivers.

“This is really exciting,” Meredo said.

“It was really exciting for us, to get the championship in Singapore and win it.

We are really happy.”

Meredoiz has raced in more than 30 Formula One races over the past 15 years.

Max Meredo has two older sisters, who are also Formula One drivers, including her sister, Mia.

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