‘I’ll give you my money if you promise me you’ll stop being a butterfly’: Woman with ’emotional butterfly’

Butterfly lovers have a way of taking things to a whole new level.

So, when a New York woman called Lisa Hausmann had a baby with her butterfly lover, it was a shock to the system.

She called 911, but the cops didn’t arrive until five minutes after the baby was born, because the baby wasn’t breathing.

The cops said Hausman’s boyfriend had taken the baby from her and had left the scene, but Hausmans boyfriend, the baby’s father, claimed to have found the baby on the sidewalk.

When the cops showed up, they found the father with the baby in his arms.

He said the baby had been born from his girlfriend’s vagina, and that Hausnman had gotten the baby while they were having sex.

The boyfriend told police that the baby “was born alive” and that he had “sex with the [baby] on her” and left the baby there.

Hausnickers boyfriend told cops that he and the baby were in a “love triangle” and the woman was “the one who’s causing the problems.”

When cops questioned the boyfriend, he said the couple had been having sex for about two months, but he did not recall having sex with the mother of the baby.

Hsuans boyfriend claimed to be the father of the child, but cops found out the baby boy had been conceived by a surrogate, who had been in a relationship with the father for about a year.

So Hausnikers boyfriend, after a three-month break, returned to the couple and had sex with them.

The baby was then given to the surrogate.

So now Hausnamers boyfriend has been charged with child endangerment, statutory rape, statutory sodomy, and incest, for having sex in a sexual manner with the biological mother of her child.

Hahnns boyfriend also faces child endangerterd.

A second baby was also conceived by the surrogate, but that baby died at birth, which was ruled a homicide.

The child was later donated to the local child welfare department.

“I’m glad to know I wasn’t alone,” said Hahnnys boyfriend.

“It would have been really bad for me.”

[New York Post, 11/18/17]

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