How to watch the Big Dog in the Hudson house

Aucklanders can catch their first glimpse of the Big Daddy in the beautiful Hudson house on Wednesday night.

Hudson House owner John Horne, who has been working with the city for nearly two decades, will be in the audience to present the Big Boy to guests.

Mr Horne said the Big Girl, nicknamed Momma’s Big Dick, had been in the house since he was a teenager.

“She’s an eight-year-old that has a big dick and she’s an absolute delight to look at,” Mr Horne told The Press.

The Big Girl will be presented to guests by Mr Hornes wife Sarah, who is also the head of the Hudson House Foundation.

Sarah said the idea for the Big Guy came from a childhood story.

“I told my father that I had heard about a woman who was a dominatrix and was in the middle of the woods when a deer approached her.

He said, ‘Well, you can’t come and take her, she’s my dominatress.'”

Mr Corry said he thought the Big Dick was a good match for the Hudson family.

When the Big Man was presented, he was given the Big Mouth and Big Teeth and he took to the stage.

A video of the show is being broadcast live on the Hudson website.

Mum and Dad, the two owners of the house, have been working closely with the Hudson community and will be present in the venue to promote the event.

Ms Horne thanked the people of Auckland for their support.

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