How to walk with a loved one: How to be loved and not walk away

In this episode, I’m joined by my lovely partner, the lovely lady who goes by the name of Wanda, to talk about her love of walks and to tell us all about the journey she took to find her way to love.

It’s a journey that started when she was a young teenager, in a small town in northern Ontario, Canada, where she was living with her family, living alone, and getting her first boyfriend when she wasn’t even 18. 

In a story that has inspired countless others, she found love when she got a new job, but it was when she walked down the street and met her new partner, that the real love really started.

She tells us how it started with a small kiss at a restaurant, and how he became her first love.

Wanda shares how she was looking for someone who was different and adventurous.

We talk about how they met and how she eventually found herself in a relationship with her boyfriend, a man who was her first true love.

Then Wanda started to wonder what her next move would be.

I tell her that she has never been a walking couple.

She doesn’t like to think about that.

She has always been a person who is connected to the world around her.

And so Wanda decided to get her first walk on Sunday. 

It’s not a walk that you walk, it’s a walk with someone. 

Wanda tells us about her journey to walk, and we’re all a little bit confused as to how she got started with it.

We have no idea what she’s walking for.

It’s a big question, and a big responsibility. 

But Wanda says she knows that the journey starts with the heart, with her body, with the mind.

She says that she’s not walking for her body or her mind.

Wandy shares a story about how she fell in love with a man and fell in a love affair with her. 

She explains how that journey changed her life. 

“It changed my life in a big way,” Wanda told me.

“Because now I am not the girl that I was.”

And Wanda is not alone.

A number of women share their stories of how walking has changed their lives, and they all say that it’s one of the most fulfilling experiences of their lives.

“It really helps me to connect with other people,” Wandy says.

“I’ve been to people’s houses and walked around them, and that’s been really powerful.”

We share Wanda’s story and talk about the love and care that women like Wanda receive from men, and the fact that many of them want to walk more often.

But one thing that Wanda has noticed is that women aren’t walking more often, they’re walking less often. 

Women are walking less, on average, than men, according to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Wanna walk more? 

You’re not alone, ladies.

Women are walking fewer, too. 

Why are women walking less?

Well, the most obvious reason is because they have more children, according a recent Gallup poll, which found that the average woman has only had two children in her lifetime. 

We also know that walking can have a detrimental effect on our bones. 

When you’re older, it can cause a bone fracture called tibial plateau fracture.

The problem with walking too often, the CDC said, is that you lose flexibility in your knees and hips, which means you can’t bend your knees or bend your hips. 

You also lose flexibility because your body is being used up in the process of walking. 

If you don’t have a lot of time to walk in the morning, you can develop osteoporosis, according the CDC. 

Plus, you have to walk for your health.

The CDC also found that walking is associated with an increased risk of falls, a number of which are linked to fractures. 

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Become a walking partner. 

Find a walk buddy. 

Walk on a daily basis. 

Stop worrying about the numbers and start caring about the heart. 

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