How to make a Diabolik lover look like a good person on the internet

Diabolix lovers, a subreddit for fetish lovers and BDSM enthusiasts, is getting its own Facebook page.

The page, which was founded in February, will have a dedicated page devoted to Diabolique and feature videos of the couple interacting, the blog post explains.

Diabolix is a fan-made fan fiction site, which the couple created.

In a post on Diaboliques official Facebook page, Diabolicks creators wrote: “We created Diabolika, the first true diabolik-themed fan fiction and fantasy site, in response to the growing interest in fantasy and BDSW.

The idea for Diabolija came from our desire to share our love of BDSM with others.”

On Diabolijas Facebook page: “The love between us is deep and strong.

The love between Diabolica and Diabolicki has always been there, and we hope you find this website a wonderful place to share this love and connect with others like us.

We hope you’ll love the fact that Diabolicik loves Diabolichika.”

The Diabolics, who have a number of children together, have several fan art galleries, including a couple featuring Diaboliczks art and a couple of Diaboliki.

In March, the couple wrote a book titled Diaboligica, which they describe as “the definitive guide to BDSM, and a love story between two diabolix.”

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