How to love a blanket lover

We have all seen those cute blanket love ads in the movies, but they’re a great way to show your love for your blanket lover.

If you’re a fan of the popular TV show Love Actually, then you know that this is the ideal time to get your blanket love on!

Here’s how to make a blanket love ad. 1.

Find a friend or two 2.

Create a love poem and add your favorite blanket lover’s name 3.

Create an Instagram photo of your blanket loved one 4.

Tag your blanket loving friend with the hashtag #loveloving #banana lovers 5.

Post the photo on Instagram with the #lovelike hashtag, which will automatically rank your photo as #lovelover #bananafriendly 6.

You can also tweet it to @banana_lover and #loveloveloves @bananamoney and hashtag #bananoffriendly.7.

The trend has been picked up by other celebrities as well.

Here’s a list of the other celebrities that have tweeted their blanket love photos.8.

Be sure to tag your blanket loves on Instagram in the caption, so your fans can easily find you!

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