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The day after Kanye West’s performance at Coachella, fashion editor for Vice magazine Nick O’Malley went to the event with his girlfriend, a shoe collector.

The pair was invited to attend the West concert in Indio, California, but they decided not to go. 

“We didn’t feel like we were in the right place, and we were really hoping it would be the last show,” O’Brien told Vice. 

Instead, he got to attend West’s next performance in Las Vegas.

O’Mara has also attended several Kanye West concerts, including a concert at the O2 Arena in London, where he performed a set of music videos for his Yeezus album. 

Despite not being the biggest fan of the rapper, O’Leary, a senior editor for the magazine, said he was happy to have attended a show where Kanye was able to bring his fans together and engage in some of his more personal lyrics. 

Kanye West performed in Indiio, CA, last night.

He also brought a bunch of fans from the world of fashion. — Nick O (@Nick_O_Mara) March 31, 2021 “When Kanye says something, it has a way of getting through,” O Mara told Vice in an interview.

“I think it’s cool to be able to talk about it and hear people talk about the Kanye West story.

I think it can be a powerful thing.”

O’Malley said that he has been trying to get in touch with Kanye West for several years, but his agent has been busy with negotiations with a variety of other music artists. 

However, he said he had not yet seen anything from the artist himself. 

When asked what his impressions of Kanye were, O Mlarley said, “He was really cool, he’s just really, really good at what he does.”

O Marray also revealed that he had a great time with Kanye at Coaches Ball last year.

He said that the pair were able to have some time to interact with each other and get to know each other, and that he liked how he handled the event.

“He was a real person, he was real chill, he seemed like he was very well-versed in his craft, which is what you want to see from a rapper,” O Marra said.

“He just seemed like a really good dude.”

O Marra also confirmed that he was wearing a Kanye West t-shirt at Coase Ball. 

@KanyeWest we had a blast!

The show was great!

Thanks for the time and the energy!

— Nick (@NickO_McKay) March 30, 2021 “Kanye is a really great guy.

He has a lot of cool stories, and I think he is a true gentleman, but I do think he has a sense of humor,” OMara said. 

While O’Maile’s comments to Vice about Kanye’s show were very positive, it was apparent that there was a certain amount of apprehension and apprehension in some fans about what to expect from the rapper.

“Kiss my ass, you’re wearing my shirt, you want me to feel uncomfortable?,” OMarra said to a fan during the performance of West’s “All Day,” which featured a song from the album.

“You want to make me feel uncomfortable.”

Omarra added that he did not mind if West performed with the “gangsta rappers” and that the audience was there for the rapper’s music.

O’Marray, however, said that Kanye West should have been able to perform on his own. 

“[I] would have loved to see him perform, but he’s not that good of a person,” O Maile said.

“I mean, I’m not saying he shouldn’t have, but the question is, how good is he, really?

Kanye has so much energy, he can do anything.

You know, it’s not like he has an ego.”OMAILE’S CONVERSATIONS WITH KANYE WEST After the show, OMAILE posted a message on Twitter saying that he appreciated Kanye’s performance, and thanked the crowd for having an opportunity to see the rapper perform. 

The next day, Omaile posted another message on Instagram with a picture of himself in a Kanye and Rihanna jersey.

“Thank you for the opportunity to watch the @kanyewest show.

I’m so excited to be wearing that shirt and having a good time with you guys tonight,” OMAILED OMAILYO’MAILE @kanyewsweet I was so nervous, I wanted to get out of there, but Kanye had a big performance and I had a good experience, thanks for the support!

#lovewins #kanye #love #lovethesun pic. 

twitter. 2l1W0jf9bA

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