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In the summer of 2016, Mark Danko noticed a painting of Hillary Rodham Clinton by her friend and fellow painter, Art Spiegelman.

The woman in the painting, known as the Dankowes, was known for her dark and moody paintings of women in the past.

But when Dankos asked her to draw a portrait of her, the woman in question would not agree to do it.

Dankotos request went unheeded.

“I was shocked,” Dankowitz said.

“When she was asked to draw something, she would not say no.”

Dankós request was not enough to quell the Dankyós ire.

They started calling each other a bunch of names, and it became a very public argument.

“We were talking about how bad Hillary Clinton was,” Dankyotos mother said.

Then one day, the Danks noticed the name of the woman they were drawing, a woman they called “Nancy.”

The Dankots began to get angry and started calling her a cunt.

“She would just start crying and saying how sorry she was for all these years,” Danks mother said of Nancy.

The Danks decided to go to the police and file a police report.

The police came to their home and they confronted Nancy.

She admitted to having the painting done and said it was done for her personal use.

But she insisted that the painting was not done for political gain.

The painting was a political painting of Nancy Dankostes face, which was taken and hung in a bathroom at the DANKOES’ home in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The artist did not tell the Dinks what the painting said about her.

The owner of the painting is a Republican who was running for Congress at the time, and the owner of Dankowa is a Democratic congressman.

But the Dinkos had enough.

Dankyos mother called the Florida Democratic Party, which told her that the person in the paintings was not allowed to vote for her.

And that is the end of that.

A month later, the painting made the front page of the Daytona Beach Sun.

DANKOWES PICTURE SITUATION Dankows mother has filed a lawsuit against Nancy Dankyowes.

She alleges that the Dankaes did not pay her for the painting.

Danks father has not heard from Nancy in almost two years, and she has not spoken with her since that time.

The suit also alleges that Nancy Dinkyowes actions violated Florida state law that says you cannot use a public or private building for political purposes.

Nancy’s attorney, David Rennie, did not return a message from the Orlando Sentinel.

Dinkyotos lawyer, Peter Mascaro, has not returned a message for comment.

The case is pending.

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