Beach lovers point home away from home after oil spill

Lovers in Bloom, the group of beachgoers that has gathered for a month of events to support the oil spill victims, said on Monday it had stopped returning to their beach in Cabo San Lucas.

The group has also pulled out of events at a beach resort in Santa Rosa, where the residents of the village have complained about noise, trash and a lack of community services.

But it has decided to return to its beaches in the Santa Rosa area to support those who have been affected.

“It’s not a time to leave, it’s not an opportunity to be away from your family,” said Joanne Sibar, co-founder of Lovers In Bloom, a group that is also planning to host a barbecue in the resort’s swimming pool on Tuesday.

“There is a lot of pain that we’re feeling, and we want to take it out on those who are hurt by the oil.”

While some of the group’s members have gone on vacation, others have stayed behind to help others affected by the spill.

The beach at the end of the road in Santa Cruz is the site of a community protest that started at Cabo Santiago in September.

It has since spread to other areas of the state, including Santa Rosa and the San Joaquin Valley, and now has more than 50 participants.

Sibak said the group is grateful to the residents and visitors who have come out to help them during the past six months.

“We want to thank everyone who has come out, including our families and friends who have joined us,” she said.

The spill prompted the closure of the Cabo Santa Rosa beaches from November through April, and it also forced the closure on the Santa Cruz beaches for four days in April.

The beaches in Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and Orange counties remain open for beach and surf activities, according to the Coast Guard.

The closure is expected to last through Monday.

The San Joabes were forced to leave their home in Cabao Santiago to get a new house, because they did not have the money to buy one, Sibac said.

“They’re being very generous with the money they have,” she added.

“The oil industry has been trying to do this for years and years and has done so with great success.”

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