A series of new posters from the demolition lovers series feature some of the hottest new photos from the first month of the demolition season.

7.50pm: New posters by demolition lovers fans to be released over the coming days.

6.56pm: All new posters by demolitions lovers fans.

6pm: What’s happening at the new demolition lovers website.

6:30pm: More news about the demolition fans website.

4.57pm: We’ve got more demolition lovers posters!

4.52pm: A new set of demolition lovers photos.

4:42pm: The latest in demolition lovers news from around the web.

4pm: Why does the demolition fan site keep getting so popular?

4.39pm: Are there any new stories about demolition lovers?

4pm.30pm:”The new demolition fans site was born from the desire to provide fans with a way to stay connected to the exciting events that take place around their city.

We think it’s a great idea, and we think we have a winner.”

5pm: Here’s what new demolition love stories have been published in the past 24 hours.

4am: How does the new site compare to the old site?

3am: New poster by demolition love fans.

2am: What to expect from the new demolitions love site.

1.20am: More demolition lovers pics.

12.55pm: Some more demolition love photos.

12pm: How the demolition loves website is getting so much traffic.

12:30am: Here are some new demolition loving posters for your viewing pleasure.

11am: The new site is taking shape.

11.35am: All the new posters have been released.

11:40am: This poster shows the building being demolished.

11pm: Another demolition lover poster.

11p: More new demoliton love stories. 10.30am

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